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Family catches limit of walleye
Mega Bites Charters is located in the western end of the Central Basin and just a short run from the famous Islands Area in the Western Basin. Nearby is Cedar Point Amusement Park, one of the best in the world, hands down. So vacation possibilities are endless.
I've always believed that anglers should equip themselves with the very best gear they can afford before heading out. It makes for a more enjoyable, worry free experience. That is why I have gone to the expense of stocking only the best rods and reels I can afford for my customers. Even novice anglers will have fun learning how to use the equipment. I’m an experienced fisherman who has the patience and know how to work with all my customers.
Welcome to Lake Erie where you can experience some of the most exciting freshwater action on the planet with me, Capt. Tony Denslow. Whether it is pursuing deep water trophy walleye, casting for smallmouth bass or hunting up large schools of tasty yellow perch, it is a safe bet you will have an enjoyable and memorable day. I have been operating my charter service since 1983, with docks in Vermilion. OH and in the Port Clinton, OH area during the spring angling frenzy.  I am Coast Guard licensed, which means I have passed rigorous testing on seamanship, rules of the road and navigtion, plus physical fitness requirements. I am also a member of the Central Basin Charter Boat Association and National Association of Charter Boat Operators, which is committed to the fishing charter industry across America. Lake Erie is a great fishing destination, but don’t take my word for it. Ask the nine million people who vacationed on its shore last year. The area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midwest. Numerous national tournaments are held each year and the pros trip over themselves to get here. Why? The truth is this lake teems with sportfish and the catch rate is excellent. Come and find out for yourself, and bring the family.
Every year I host people from all over the country. Individuals, friends and families travel here because they know they have the best chance of catching fish. It is that simple. Read about Lake Erie sport fishing some time. You will learn that more fish are caught from this lake than all the other Great Lakes combined.
© Copyright 2016 Mega Bites Charters. All rights reserved.
Mega Bites, a 30-ft. sport fishing boat
When you fish with Mega Bites Charters, you will board a 30-foot Baha sport that was made for casting or trolling. It has a 10.5-ft. beam and a plenty of freeboard for safety. Mega Bites is powered by a 7.5L, fuel injected engine that will deliver plenty of HP when speed is needed to avoid weather or to get back to the dock in a hurry.
The hardtop is tall enough for a 6’ 6” fisherman to stand up without hitting his head. The aft area contains 110 square feet, enough for six anglers to cast without tangling up with the others onboad. Seating is on a cushioned motor box and a large, 260 quart fiberglass cooler. For electronics, the boat is equipped with a Raymarine multi-function computer that displays a fishfinder, GPS and mapping. Connected to the unit is a Raymarine VHF marine radio with Seatalk. In case of an emergency this radio will broadcast position information to the nearest Coast Guard station. All safety gear is within easy reach. There’s a private head (toilet) in the cabin and a comfy place to lay down if someone gets tired. Customers may use the stereo CD/radio system, too.
An outing with me is never one-dimensional. If for some reason the walleye are not biting I encourage customers to give the smallmouth bass or yellow perch a try. I always bring along baits to pursue either. For bass, I mostly use tube jigs, bucktail jigs and a dropshot rig with plastic worms, shiners or fresh caught gobies. I also have an assortment of crankbaits that will get down to the fish. For perch, nothing beats an emerald shiner. Schools of perch are fairly easy to find and anchor right over them to fish up and down with bottom rigs.
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