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Map and Directions

Map of Lake Erie islands area
Mega Bites Charters operates from two separate docks during the Lake Erie charter season. In the spring, I move my boat to the Port Clinton, OH area to take advantage of the great angling opportunities during late April and all of May. Then, by the first week of June, I move the boat back to Vermilion where I will fish until the season closes in November. I do this to follow the walleye migration eastward into the deeper Central Basin where the water is cooler all summer. Plus, there is plenty of forage to feed these hungry predators. The result is good fishing opprtunities all season long. I love it and you will too. Click on the map and it will take you to Google Maps for more detailed directions to Port Clinton and Vermilion.
Lake Erie attractions
Cedar Point roller coaster
Cedar Point Amusement Park is probably the best fun park in the world. It is located 20 minutes from my dock.
Perry's Monument at Put-in-Bay, OH
When fishing around the Lake Erie Islands it is difficult not to notice a large monument jutting skyward from South Bass Island. That’s Perry’s Monument. It commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie during the war of 1812 with the British. As history books tell, at dawn on the morning of September 10, 1813, a lookout spotted six British vessels to the northwest of Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) beyond Rattlesnake Island. It was then Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry gave orders to engage the Brits. America won the battle and the war. Today, Lake Erie is split between Canada and the U.S. and is a major recreational and sport fishing mecca.
Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park
Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH is a world class indoor water recreation facility with lodging. It is located 20 minutes from my dock.
Put-in-Bay, OH from the air
A thirty minute drive and a 20 minute ferry boat ride away is the ultimate Lake Erie get-away of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. By day, it is a bustling boating and tourist shopping town but by night it becomes a party scene, with its many restaurants and nightclubs.
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Lake Erie charters at Port Clinton, Vermilion
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